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When To Call A Plumber

The plumbing in your home is one of the most important systems that you rely on every day. Just think about it – our plumbing systems provide us clean, potable water while removing dirty wastewater from our homes and disposing of it in the sewer.

Because of the importance of home plumbing systems, it is crucial that you know when to call a plumber to fix any serious plumbing issues such as leaks. There is a wide variety of issues to be on the lookout for that can lead to expensive and aggravating damage.

Of course, there are relatively small fixes that can be made by almost anyone such as replacing washers in your fixtures. However, the following tips can help anyone know when it is time to call a professional plumber.

  • Dripping/Leaking Faucets: One of the most common plumbing problems is that faucets continue to drip water after they have been shut off. There are several potential solutions tho resolve and leaking faucet.
  • No Hot Water: We might take hot water for granted until we don’t have it. A lack of hot water can usually be traced back to an issue with your water heater.
  • Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure can be a real inconvenience. There are a few potential issues that can cause low water pressure, and most of them can be fixed relatively easily.
  • Stopped/Slow Drains: Drains that don’t drain are a real pain. Unclogging your drains can be done in several ways depending on the nature of your blockage.

Remember, experiencing one of the above issues is cause for concern, and the presence of two or more of the preceding symptoms indicates an urgent need for the immediate attention of licensed plumber.

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